What If You Get Sick On Vacation?

What do you do when you get sick on vacation? How do you handle it? Spoiler alert: it’s all in your mindset.

Alright, lemme set the scene for you guys here. I book a ticket to LA for my friends birthday about a month ago and am looking forward to a weekend of lavish living!

The night before we leave, I start to feel a little soreness in my throat. Immediate reaction: ANXIETY!!! How do I deal with being sick on vacation?!

Sidebar: Getting sick also makes me extremely nervous at any time. Like as soon as I start to feel sick I get extremely nervous and overreact like no other. Any other hypochondriacs out there??

Anyway, back to my story.

That night I wake up at like three in the morning and feel like I’m dying. You know when you first get sick and you have that first moment where you’re like, “Wow this is really the end” ??

So I wake up on Saturday very sick. This is where my tips for being sick on vacation begin:

Waking up, I took Advil within seconds! That way by the time I was actually getting onto my flight I was feeling slightly better. Next step: hydrate!!!!!! A ton!!!! Like way too much. Bonus: add lemon to your water or get hot water. Throw some honey in there! I did that at every restaurant we went, on the plane, pretty much anywhere that anyone offered me a beverage. (This lemon water tip is also a great detox tip for life in general)

Obviously there’s the basic types: hydrate, take Advil, airborne, vitamins, et cetera – but the most important thing I learned about getting sick on vacation is in the mindset you have.

The night before we left, my friend Rachel told me, “If you get sick, you just get to be sick in LA.” And I had this realization like, you’re gonna feel crappy anywhere so you might as well do it on vacation!

Next mindset adjustment: just do what you can! No harm in grabbing an Uber back to the hotel when you need to. This was a strict rule I followed whenever we were out and I started to not feel great.

Third mindset adjustment: who cares if you don’t feel well?! This is honestly a hard thing for me to grasp at any time, but especially on vacation, is that it’s no biggie to not feel tip top shape. You just do what you can and that’s enough 🙂

Anyway, sick as a dog and still managed to have one of the best weekends away ever. Do you guys get nervous when you get sick? Any experiences getting sick on vacation? Let me know in the comments 🙂



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