Ahhhh, summer! You’re laying by the pool in a cute swimsuit, no makeup, getting tan. You casually snap a photo for your Instagram aaaannnnd wow: you’re sweaty, the sun is too bright, you’re not used to seeing yourself in photos with no makeup . . . And the list goes on.

Unfortunately, taking those cute, dewy summer photos are not always as simple as they appear. I dealt with it all day today, so I’m going to take you guys through my best tips to fix problems that arise in photos in the summer.

I say fix instead of prevent because, let’s face it, unless you want to live a no fun life where you’re constantly wiping sweat off your face and dragging yourself through wearing makeup at the pool (hello, breakouts!!!!!), or worrying too much about the photos you’re taking to enjoy yourself, were going to talk about how to deal with those issues in editing after the fact.

Sweat, bright lighting, and no makeup are just part of the summer! Let’s embrace and work with it instead of avoiding it.

First things first:


I literally sweat so much it’s stupid – like one second in a temperature above 72 degrees and I am sweating.

So here’s what you do to fix that: the SMOOTH tool is your best friend! Stay away from the SMOOTHER tool because it is dangerous. Use the SMOOTH tool to go over lightly all the shiny areas just once until the shine goes away! Bingo!!!


There’s a couple things you can do here depending on how bad the shadows are.

I know this post is about FaceTune, but one thing you can do BEFORE taking the photos is make sure the photographer taps on your face- lifesaver.

But if you’re in FaceTune trying to minimize shadows, you can use both the PATCH tool for bigger shadow spots and the TONE tool for smaller shadow spots.

If there’s a smaller shadow on your face or body, you can use the PATCH tool by grabbing a patch of unshadowed skin and moving it over.

With more complicated shadows, go to the TONE tool and use the PICKER tool to swatch a patch of unshadowed skin near the shadow. Then go back to the TONE tool and lightly add the color you swatched over your shadow. That should do the trick!


Okay, so disclaimer: everything I learned here I learned from the master himself – James Charles. I linked his YouTube channel because that’s where he taught me the magic of editing makeup onto yourself.

For eyes, you can use both the DETAILS and TONE tool. For details, you can gently trace over your eyes to make them darker and pop more. For TONE, you can add a little bit of mascara/eyeliner by using a black tone and REALLY ZOOMING IN!!!!

For highlighter, swatch a lighter color on your face with the PICKER and apply highlighter to your lil photographic self the same way you would on your face. You can do the same thing with blush and bronzer if you choose. Probably lips also but I’ve never done that before.

For overall complexion, I go back in with the SMOOTH tool to lighten up my under eye circles and the PATCH tool on any pimples.

There’s all my dirty secrets! Hope this gave you guys some insight on 1. How much fricken work goes into photos you see online and 2. How easy it is for YOU to edit your photos!!

Leave a comment if you enjoyed + want to see more posts like this!

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