Biker Shorts???

The first time I saw someone (cough cough, Kim Kardashian) wearing biker shorts for ~fashion~ I have to say I was very caught off guard. Yes, I loved the look but I dismissed it as a quirky trend that would come and go.

Biker shorts have gone absolutely no where though!!! Everywhere I go I see them!!! In April, I started telling my roommate and I started talking about trying the trend out ourselves. So naturally, two whole months later, I got my first pair.

As a skeptical bike short wearer I played it safe and ordered mine for 8$ from Amazon just to try it out, you know?? You can buy the ones I’m wearing here, but in all honesty I would recommend getting a higher quality pair. But we can get to that later.

So – as someone who has worn these biker shorts all of two times, I can tell you in confidence that they make you feel cool as hell. Seriously. Every time I put these babies on I feel like Kim K reincarnated!

Are they comfortable? Honestly no. They unfortunately ride up a lot – but I think a lot of that is due to the thin cotton that these ones are made of. If you’re looking just to layer with longer blouses like I did below, then a thinner and cheaper pair would be great.

My overall review and opinion of biker shorts is that they are a definite must have in a ~fashionista~ wardrobe. They make a big t shirt look cool!!! But the main thing is that they make you FEEL cool, confident, stylish, curvy, etc. Like, yes my shorts were 8 dollar thin cotton from Amazon but I felt like I was walking down the Louis Vuitton runway!! (@virgilabloh notice me)

I wish I could leave you guys with some recommendations for where to get your own, but frankly all I know are these Amazon ones! I definitely am looking to get some more high quality ones, because I think this is a style I could actually get behind rocking on a day to day basis.

Any opinions or recommendations for biker shorts out there?!? Would love to hear about it in the comments 😘

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