White on White

White on white is a white hot trend! See what I did there?! I love monochrome outfits and I love wearing white so, you know, there’s really nothing I love more than a nice all white outfit.

Obviously – there are some intimidating things about wearing all white. First, the most obvious, is stains. Wearing all white is like asking for one huge coffee stain! Next, what if your whites don’t match? What about white and cream? Then what??? There are so many questions!!!!

My philosophy is very simple, though. Throw caution to the wind!!! Make your all white outfit your b****!!!!! *censored* Rock it, feel confident, feel tan – if you get a stain so what?! Are your whites slightly off? Guess who cares? No one!

Now that we’ve gotten those “concerns” out of the way, let’s get into some ways you can wear all white, because you know, there’s more than you might think.

My personal favorite this summer is white shorts with a white top! Easy to throw on and leaves you feeling breezy and chic!

I also love mixing textures when wearing white – for example, lace and linen, linen on linen et cetera.

For this outfit, I added a snakeskin bag and tan hat for a little contrast while still keeping the look totally neutral. One of my favorite outfits right now 🙂

So, in conclusion if you’re reading this and thinking, is she really telling me that the key to wearing a white outfit is just not caring???? Well, then yes, that’s exactly what I’m telling you.

Ignore every other fashion tip anyone has ever told you about wearing all white and just go for it!! Also, when you wear all white, you can make the white hot joke that I opened with a lot. So that’s another pro.

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