Why I Blog and How I Stay Inspired

The question I get most often, when people ask me questions at all, is why I chose to blog. The short answer is that I blog because I find it to be a vehicle to write, take photos, and share them with people I love. Here’s the longer answer:

unspecified-2.jpgThese days it feels like everyone is trying to make themselves known as a blogger, influencer, et cetera. Guilty as charged – but it can make it hard to take yourself seriously in a world where the industry is so saturated. I definitely have days where I feel like an absolute joke, even to myself. I have thoughts like, “Why would anyone care what you have to say about this?” or “What makes you different from anyone else?”

Truthfully, there is no reason at all why anyone would care what I have to say, and I’ll admit that I really am no different from anyone else. I pride myself in my style and aesthetic eye, and I love sharing those things but I’m not under the illusion that my style or advice is so groundbreaking and unique it brings something completely unique to the table.


So yes, I have negative days where I feel stupid, judged, or completely irrelevant. I have these bad days or moments often, and it’s easy to go into a negative spiral where I talk down to myself and compare myself to others.

On those days, I work hard to remind myself that the reason why I blog, style, and take photos has nothing to do with what other people think! I’m at my absolute happiest when I am out taking photos, styling a shoot, or channeling my creativity into writing and sharing. Working on my blog and working with amazing brands to create content helps keep me busy doing what makes me HAPPY – and that’s why I do it. For myself!


As far as staying inspired, working with brands is huge for me. I feel so lucky to be trusted to create content for so many amazing and up and coming brands. Getting new, unexpected pieces in the mail constantly keeps me going, dreaming of new ways to style and shoot.

The first thing I think about when I get clothes together for a shoot is color – what location would work best to highlight the color of the clothes. For example, if something is yellow, I immediately imagine a golden field at sunset – and then I work hard to make that vision come true.

Also, working with other creatives, like I’ve had the opportunity to do this summer has been fantastic. Two people I’ve been working closely with are Nick Highfill (@nickhighfill) and Stephen Bullard (@stephenbullard). Stephen took all these photos featured in the blog post today! Both of them are great guys, so creative, and so so much fun.

unspecified-5.jpgMy biggest tip for staying inspired is trying new things and pushing yourself. There are a lot of days I go out for photoshoots in clothes that I absolutely would not feel comfortable going out casually in because it feels so new and foreign to me (cough cough biker shorts), but it creates a new vibe and atmosphere when you step out of your comfort zone.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and it gave you a little insight into why I do what I do. If you’re loving the looks in the post you can shop the leggings HERE and my sports bra HERE! I really can’t speak highly enough about this Yummie gear! I’m LIVING IN IT. I have a lot more fun looks with Yummie coming soon as well that I am sooo excited for!!



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